“…when it comes to the accordion, Martina Jembrišak’s performing skills evoke admiration that we tend to express only to the best.”

Zdenka Weber, klasika.hr

“There are always reasons why someone wins in the end. When it comes to a young person who has mastered her instrument impeccably, has dozens of awards and whose calendar is filled with guest appearances in all parts of the world (so much so that it is difficult to list them all on this occasion), then the jury pauses and renews memories of the young accordionist Martina Jembrišak’s extraordinary performances, and who has managed to cross that magical imaginary line, often unjustifiably full of prejudices, which separates good accordion playing from raising it to a high interpretive level.”

Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, Ivo Vuljević Award

“Since Martina Jembrišak is up to par with the technical challenges and capable of bringing the notes to life, it is only possible to express praise and desire to hear her again in this concert for accordion with the famous Zagreb soloists, which have participated in the performance by following the interpretation of this young and already successful accordionist.”

Zdenka Weber, klasika.hr

“…an excellent performance by Martina Jembrišak surely is a great way of getting rid of prejudice that many have towards classical music and elevating its reputation regardless of instrument.”

Tomislav Bužić, “Vijenac” magazine

“…alongside her professionalism one can notice an understanding of the repertoire being played, precision, an eye for details, great musicianship, as well as a commitment towards excellent artistic expression.”

Helena Skljarov, “Cantus” magazine

“Martina Jembrisak showed enviable virtuosity and versatility in the dynamic shading in her work within the chamber ensemble”.

Snježana Miklaušić-Ćeran, klasika.hr

Panel 1


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Zagreb, Croatia

Centar za kulturu Novi Zagreb

23rd March 2023

Duo Rucner – Jembrišak

Jury member at competition

Zagreb, Croatia

1st April 2023


First 25 Years – Quartet Rucner (publisher Croatia Records)

Zagreb, Croatia

Studio Bajsić

16th April 2023

String Qartet Rucner – Martina Jembrišak, guest artist

Malacca, Malaysia

Duo Rucner – Jembrišak

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Duo Rucner – Jembrišak

Kotor, Montenegro

16th – 17th July 2023

Dubrovnik, Croatia

19th – 20th July 2023

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

21st July 2023

Tirana, Albania

24th – 25th July 2023

Prishtina, Kosovo

26th – 27th July 2023

Belgrade, Serbia

29th – 30th July 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia

1st – 2nd August 2023

Concert at Hof Erdland

16th August 2023

Oelde, Germany

Postira Cultural Summer

20th August 2023


Korčula, Croatia

22nd August 2023

Duo Artina

Hörstel, Germany

17th September 2023

photo: Tihana Holen