“…an excellent performance by Martina Jembrišak surely is a great way of getting rid of prejudice that many have towards classical music and elevating its reputation regardless of instrument.”

Tomislav Bužić, “Vijenac” magazine

“…alongside her professionalism one can notice an understanding of the repertoire being played, precision, an eye for details, great musicianship, as well as a commitment towards excellent artistic expression.”

Helena Skljarov, “Cantus” magazine

“Martina Jembrisak showed enviable virtuosity and versatility in the dynamic shading in her work within the chamber ensemble”.

Snježana Miklaušić-Ćeran, klasika.hr

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Martina Jembrišak recieved prize “Ivo Vuljević” for the best Croatian musician of the year 2020!

Concert “Little stories” with duo Artina

28th January 2021

Hrvatski Dom

Split, Croatia

Astor Piazzolla 100. birthday

Concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski

String quartet Rucner and Martina Jembrišak

10th March 2021

8 pm

Recital at Vinko Lesić competition

6th April 2021

Split, Croatia

Klasika u parku

13th May 2021


Park u Remetinačkom Gaju


Centar za kulturu Novi Zagreb

Concert hall Vatroslav Lisinskirescheduled to 2021

30. September 2020

Zagreb, Croatia

Great St Mary’s rescheduled to 2021

The University Church Cambridge

Images of the Passing Time

02. October 2020, 13:00

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Iris Axton Concert Series rescheduled to 2021

04. October 2020, 16:00

London, United Kingdom

Russian Cultural Centre in London rescheduled to 2021

05. October 2020, 19:00

London, United Kingdom

St John the Baptist Churchrescheduled to 2021

“Tuesdays Till Two”

06. October 2020, 13:00 Peterborough, United Kingdom

St Botolph without Aldgate rescheduled to 2021

Pictures at an Exhibition

07. October 2020, 13:00

London, United Kingdom

Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Stifung vorspiel

12. – 13. June 2021

Herdecke, Germany

Konzerte in der Gustav Adolf Kirche

Little Stories – duo Artina

25. June 2021

Berlin, Germany

Konzerte in der Gustav Adolf Kirche

Pictures at an Exhibition

26. June 2021

Berlin, Germany

Konzertexamen concert

6th July 2021

Konzerthaus Detmold

Detmold, Germany

Rapske glazbene večeri

15th July 2021

Rab, Croatia